My Priorities


First, managing the impact(s) of last year’s covid crisis and the unknowns that remain even today. Board members need to aggressively aid the superintendent and school cabinet officials to ensure the right answers to the questions unknown questions ahead. What should be done to keep people safe and what resources can be put in place to ensure that we have a robust return to educating our students? What havoc did Covid play in the academic progress or relapse of our students? What plans and resources are needed over the next few years to address these concerns? We must ensure that our children have the very best education that's possible for them. It's important that we have people on our board who are dedicated to look into the future and say “What next, and how do we get there?” This will mean looking at the human infrastructure we need and the facilities to support an educational environment that is second to none. How this is done and the schools for the where they're located. Those things all make a difference. My pledge to Stamford is to listen, learn, and to lead the way in helping us get there.


I also think it's important as a second item to look towards being an equity centered school district. And what that means is not taking away anything from anyone, but it's about bringing together and creating a certain amount of unity that will look at our schools and our teachers and administrators that they reflect the community that we are. And I don't mean simply from the racial makeup of the school, but I mean, the goodness that is involved in teaching and educating our children a board should be about making that happen as well as encouraging that because we're all impacted by our schools.


Unfortunately, the dysfunctionality that has happened on our school board, has some people have confused the idea that yelling and screaming is governing. It isn’t. Anyone running for the Board of Education must be mindful of the fact that we have entrusted in that person and those nine people 16,000 children and over $300 million to do right by our city. Right now, I believe that some members of our Board have forgotten that as they play the politics of division. We should be able to talk. We should be able to respectfully disagree. But in the end, it's about our community, it's about our children and we must find common ground to agree upon. Current board members who do not understand this should be relieved of their positions on the Stamford Board of Education.

"We are a town of hundreds 1000s of do-gooders who like to do well by our city. I see them all over the place. I like to help where I can, and to inspire or to encourage other people to do likewise. We have far too many who have been part of the problem. I pledge to always be a part of the solution. - Michael Hyman